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FashMash is a web-based platform where fashion lovers will be able to easily and securely swap [a.k.a. trade, barter] gently used fashion items within a large community marketplace.

Using FashMash you will be able to:

The Backstory

At first I really just wanted an easy outlet to acquire new clothes and cute shoes anytime, regardless of my financial or physical situation (read: I was between paychecks, wearing sweats and no makeup at home.) There my closet sits with hundreds of dollars of merchandise that I may never wear again. It will all slowly trickle away to my friends closets, Goodwill, the trash or to the land of missing socks. To me, swapping was the logical and environmentally friendly choice, but I found it to be missing an online platform.

So I started looking around, then I started planning. Originally it was just fun to work through the various obstacles, then it became apparent that I was looking at a full-fledged business plan and website wire-frame. I even gathered interest from some colleagues and friends who effectively made up a top-notch development and launch team.

At the heart of this is a girl (me) just looking for the ability to USE FashMash. If anything, help ME swap clothes with you all. I have some really cute stuff, I promise (that's a joke - sort of.)

This leads us to where we stand right now: the first public step toward enhancing the world of what I call "new-to-you" fashion through a kicky website named FashMash.

Who is FashMash For?