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The background research and conceptual designs for FashMash are in place, the team has been assembled, and we are ready to begin production on this innovative community marketplace. What we are lacking is the financial backing to make this a reality in a timely manner. We want to get you swapping ASAP!

Thus we come to you, the future users of FashMash to help make this dream a reality.

In order to get FashMash off the ground we will need $43,700. This will fund a small team of designers, web developers, and PR specialists. The designers will make FashMash look like magic, the developers will make it play like magic, and the PR specialists will make sure that there is a large community in place upon it’s launch.

Through Kickstarter we offer fun rewards for the various contribution levels that we know you will enjoy! (Who doesn’t love high-fives, sticky tabs and t-shirts?)

With $43,700 we will be able to launch by approximately mid-March 2015. Our secret goal is to reach $70,000 which will mean we can launch FashMash by approximately late-January 2015.

Please help us make FashMash a reality by:
A) Spreading the word about our Kickstarter annndddd…
B) Supporting our Kickstarter in any amount you see fit.